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Vintage Home Decor

Vintage Home Decor is here to stay!

In the words of Patsy Stone “One should never be the oldest thing in ones house”
Vintage home decor creates a space with charm, elegance & character.
Whether it’s a single boho furniture or ‘vibe’, each element brings a unique piece of story to your home that can’t be found anywhere else. Your home is your haven, a place you feel most zen and your decor plays a big part in this.

Story Telling Pieces

Vintage Table | Vintage Home Decor
At BHM Home, we live & breathe vintage, one off, storytelling furniture. We're here to help you find those special vintage home decor pieces that have been waiting for you, some up to 120 years. With high-quality vintage home decor, you bring the culture and style of another time and another land into your own space.
There is something magical and spiritual about bringing a piece into your home that has had a previous life, whether that be an old door to a Haveli or console made from old pillars.
Vintage Home Decor
*Source of photo unknown*

Let the mind wander

Maybe you see a lady standing by a gate chatting to a local, my eye wanders and see's an old gate that would make the most perfect wall art.

They don't make em like they used to

This mirror was once a door panel from Rajasthan, India. All details are original we just had a mirror added and its the perfect addition to a living space.
Carved Wooden Mirror | Vintage Home Decor

Not just a piece of furniture, its a story

Lots of great items, such as coffee tables, are designed to situate in a space where they can be featured in daily use - and, of course, where they can be ‘visually appreciated’ (if that wasn't a word, it is now!)
Vintage Table | Vintage Home Decor

Home is where the heart is

Vintage Table | Vintage Home Decor
The living room is the heart of the home. If you’re looking to add some vintage decor character, the living room is a great place to start.
Introduce some ‘core' pieces and then you can work your styling around them.
Must Haves

Mix it up!

Don't get caught up in matchy match. Different textures & tones add character
Vintage Table | Vintage Home Decor
"Don't be afraid of mixing different wooden tones in your home, not only can you, you must. If all tones are the same it looks like bad hotel decorating"
- Alexa Hampton

Spark intrigue.

Vintage Table | Vintage Home Decor
Conversation starters.
Vintage Table | Vintage Home Decor
Create a unique space.

Vintage Table | Vintage Home Decor

Inspo Ideas..

The items featured in this list provide just a glimpse into the world of vintage home decor and just a quick taste of what we have to offer at BHM Home.
Vintage Home Decor
Above & below are some snaps by @laurakinteriors, she has nailed the vintage look and I am obsessed with the old doors she has installed!
Vintage Tray | Vintage Home Decor
Raw Homewares | Vintage Home Decor

Vintage + Modern

Vintage accents compliments a modern home in the best way. It softens harsh edges and introduces character.
Getting started is exciting. Whether you add just one piece or an entire ensemble, any infusion of vintage elements makes your living space more interesting.
Raw Homewares | Vintage Home Decor
@Styledbymel is a perfect account
to follow for modern meets vintage look!

Your vintage hustlers

Based in Perth, Western Australia. We source full of life pieces, that are hard to find. We offer Australia wide freight or local pick up from our small showroom.
BHM Home Owners | Vintage Home Decor
Inspired by passions for travel, culture and art, we believe in the power of sharing inspiration and beauty across national boundaries.
To find the next vintage decor piece that you’ll fall in love with, shop our collections today.
Much love, Em x

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